How to manage time efficiently

How to manage time efficiently

The most common excuse of not completing a task is I am busy and don’t have enough time! But if we look at the reason behind it more closely, we will find that there was no shortage of time rather there was shortage of time management skill.

In this article, I will try to discuss about the secrets of time management that must help you to manage time efficiently.

Self Motivation

There is a misconception that time management means binding people in tight schedule but the reality is totally different. Time management actually gives a man more relaxation because he does not need to be worried for missing deadline. Moreover, he gets extra time to do something else that might give him pleasure. You can motivate yourself thinking about the ultimate benefit of time management and feeling the final outcome.

Organize Your Working Space

Your working space should be well organized having less gathering points. Mostly, It is seen that people make their work space crowded with unnecessary items and during the work it takes much time to find the right thing. So keeping the right things in the right place is important to keep your work space well organized and hence reducing the finding time of necessary items during work.

Prepare Your Task List

Task list is always important to manage time efficiently. You can make weekly task list or monthly task list but it depends on your situation. Try to allocate a session in every week to write down all important tasks you have to do in the upcoming week.

Many people make mistake while creating the task list. The mistake is allocating more tasks than the available hours. So it is important to budget the time properly during this task list creation session. Another thing you should keep in mind that the most valuable tasks get the more hours than others in the list.

Avoid Multi Task

There is a myth that multi tasking increases the productivity. But the reality is totally opposite.

Multi tasking causes these 3 disadvantages:

  1. Increases the completion time of task
  2. Decreases the quality of task
  3. Increases the mental stress

It is highly recommended to avoid the multi tasking and concentrate into only one task at once.

Avoid Double Booking Yourself

It is often seen that whenever someone ask us to assign a meeting with him, we do not check our schedule calendar before confirming him the date and time. So we face conflict of the multiple tasks at the same time. Try to make your schedule having enough time space between two consecutive tasks.

The power of NO

It is often seen that we cannot say no when someone asked to do something. It is important to say NO more than YES to keep your time schedule restricted. If you cannot say NO directly to the person you can do it applying a technique. For example, someone is asking you to join a party in next Friday but you have a scheduled task at the same time. In that case, you can say him I cannot ensure you now but I will confirm you later tonight or tomorrow morning. Then later you can send him text to his cell or email that you are sorry that you cannot join. By the polite of way saying NO actually will help you to manage time efficiently and reserve your good relationships with people as well.


Although a number of tools and techniques has been described through this article but the most remarkable concept is that Principle is more important than the tools. Try to realize why time is so precious and try to implement the techniques and tools after your mind is set.

Please do not waste your time by thinking what to do or what you did. Just start today what you have to do or you are supposed to do. What you can today you may not be able to do tomorrow!

Tareq Mahmud Chowdhury
I have been working with PHP, MySql and wordpress for more than 4 years. I also enjoy working with UI.

I completed graduation in Computer Science and Engineering and was active participant in University programming contest. Also, I love to write technical blog and share programming knowledge in the local community.